April 8, 2021

Another quick chemo push at the hospital today.  While we were there, they took some blood to check.  I got a message from Jo-Ann, the nurse, to say he will need a transfusion.  His platelets are quite low at 8. The range for platelets is 150-400. Monday he was at 30. The chemo really does a number on his blood counts. The benefit of checking it today and getting it tomorrow is that when we get there in the morning it will be ready.  It can take 1-2 hours to get the right blood match for a transfusion.

On and off, Marlon has had a headache for several days.  It really gets to him.  I keep harassing him to drink.  By evening it did seem to be calming down. 

He didn't do much today and I didn't expect much from him.  Won't be long until he is de-accessed.  One more sleep.  Hopefully, he'll feel better tomorrow after the blood and not being attached to tubes.

This is a picture from 2 years ago.  Paco dressed up as the Easter Bunny.


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