April 6, 2021

Up and out the door early this morning.  Finger poke, accessed, chemo, and wait for LP.  Last week, he was last out of 11.  This week, last out of 10.  Makes it a long time before he can eat.  Another four visit week so Marlon remains accessed.

This is what it looks like.  The sticker surrounding the needle.  The red mark is the scar where the port was surgically inserted into his body at the beginning of treatment.  When he is accessed, the needle goes through the skin, into the port which has a tube that leads to a vein.  The external tube hangs down and is either hooked up to the 'drip' machine or syringes can push whatever straight in.  While he is accessed, he walks lopsidedly and is very protective of that area.  He is concerned that the tube hanging down may get yanked and the sticker pulls at his skin (and sometimes itches too).

He was feeling ok today.  Not very energetic but he kept his food down and tolerated the chemo fairly well.


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