April 4, 2021

Last night, Marlon and I decided the easter bunny would hide around 20 eggs.  But apparently, the easter bunny had a mental lapse and forgot our house.  Oops.

Marlon spent too much time on the computer this morning, at first playing with friends, and then completing a minecraft challenge.  He was so happy after his time and all the loot he got from completing the challenge.  I did feel better about that than if he had been sitting, zoning out in front of videos.

Normally for easter dinner, we would go to my sister Olivia's house in Toronto.  Of course, no gatherings, so she delivered dinner here.  Marlon loves his uncle Jamey's mashed potatoes.  She brought her dog and we were comparing Roka's and Mojo's coats.

Marlon actually did a drawing.  A guy on his phone and another reading the newspaper, heading towards a hole.

And completed several origami as well.

Enjoying a nice weekend.


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