April 29, 2021

 One of the highlights of this week comes from home and that is Paco finishing his second year of university.  He worked hard and adapted well to the online thing.  Now he will work hard to make money and do one summer course.  Busy!

Marlon woke up twice in the night. He received platelets as his counts were down to 5 from the 25 they were yesterday.  He is getting more pills as opposed to IV drugs and is not thrilled.  Now that his health, outside of his blood counts, has stabilized, his vitals are only being checked twice a day.  It used to be every 4 hours.  And every morning at 6 am, they take blood to check his counts.  A week ago it was twice a day.

The camp counselors came for a visit and we played Uno.  Marlon had one physio visit but he was quite tired afterwards.

I was happy to remember I have my spring jacket here so I walked in the drizzle/rain today.

This evening we watched the movie 'SuperSize Me'.

Not the best of pictures.  The left paper is a frog, and then a popsicle and a crab.


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