April 23, 2021

The nights have been better and he only got up twice to pee last night. Still, he couldn't fully wake up this morning.  He would wake up, feel bad and whiny, and then fall back asleep again.  He finally woke up for the day at 11 am and by that time I was starting to feel concern. Was he ok?  He seems to be!

It was a quiet day today.  Haven't had one like it this whole stay.  Surgery checks in shortly after seven, and the occasional doctor visit but no tests.  And the big bonus is that he got several medications changed around and some stopped, so he is mostly using his main port.  Depending on how things go they may take one IV out tomorrow.  He still has one in his right hand and left arm.

Here is nurse Alyson taking away some of the tubes (there were more!).

He did get platelets in the night and blood during the day and his counts were HB 101 and PLT 39 this evening.  And his neutrophils have gone from 0 to 0.1.  While they should be at least 1.5, this shows his body is finally starting to rebuild.


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