April 19, 2021 (2)

Operation is perhaps a strong word for last night's procedure.  Laparoscope where they did see a tear that was possibly bleeding so it was closed up.  Metal tabs were used.  So not cut open, but more than just a scope.

Today, I was watching and curious.  The pooing has slowed down and gradually the colour has changed.  No longer black which is a good sign.

Blood counts came back this evening with his platelets down to 8 from this morning but hemoglobin is rising.  A positive sign!

He is still spiking fevers throughout the day though he had gone as long as 7 hours in between.  Not always that long.

Not sure what is happening with his right leg.  Another wait and see.  So definitely looking positive.  Even if things continue going well, we are likely to be in the hospital for another week, but hopefully out of ICU and to the regular ward.

In honour of the fourth anniversary of my mom's death, here she is with Marlon (not the best picture of her but she loved).



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