April 19, 2021 (1)

This is insanity. I am scared and angry and disheartened. 

I wrote this in the night.  Didn't sleep very well.  I was uncomfortable, worried about Marlon, and just so tired of this whole thing.

Last night, I waited in the hall after the operation, for Marlon to be wheeled by.  I saw the anesthesiologist and he told me they wheeled Marlon up to his room via the back halls.  When I got to the room, around 9 pm, they were cleaning his butt.  Lots coming out of him.  He was moaning, coughing ever so often and his throat was very sore.

He moaned on and off all night. He was, and still is, on oxygen.  We didn't know whether or not the operation helped.  We still don't know for sure.  His platelets were up to 18, and his red blood, 74.  That is a positive sign.

His right leg is having tingling and weird sensations.  Both of his legs are weak and can only hold him up for short periods of time with only a couple of steps. He just spent 50 minutes with physio and is recovering with computer time…

He just got the OK to drink.  He is happy about that and actually wants to eat for the first time in a week.


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