April 18, 2021 (1)

Marlon made it five hours straight last night!!  I didn't mind cleaning up the mess and it was a big one.  Think breastfed baby poo explosion except black in colour and an 11-year-old.  We did have another like that yesterday afternoon where the timing in between was longer and another big mess.  Poor guy.  At least we got a chunk of sleep.  After cleanup and a sit on the commode, it took about 40 minutes, I had another shorter sleep.  So I may have gotten almost seven hours last night.  I'm happy with that.

He is still NPO and grumpy about it.  The occasional ice chips and computer distraction stop him from completely losing it.

He had a CT angio scan, to see if they could find the source of the bleeding.  No active bleeding but still black diarrhea and platelets and red blood count quite low.

Physically no stronger but a little more aware.


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