April 11, 2021

Marlon stayed in bed until after 9 and I was really hoping his headache would be gone.  Unfortunately, it was not.  Because his temperature was ok, I gave him tylenol.  It did help.  Still, to see him suffering like this, looking so pale and uncomfortable is very hard.  If he left his chair, he was trying to walk the least jarring way possible so as not to aggravate his head.

He was able to eat lunch and seemed a little more human in the early afternoon.  

He anxiously waited for it to be 8 so he could go to bed.  He doesn't want to go to bed too early, nervous he may not sleep well.

April break is here and Linsy is so happy to have the time off from classes.  Paco has one day left of lectures, and then over the next two weeks, he is writing 5 exams. 

Today's creations are a crown and a tie.


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