April 1, 2021

I feel a sadness.  It is not for Marlon but for Linsy.  She has wanted to get her driver's licence for years, since she was a young child.  The day she turned 16, she got her G1.  We figured, with driver's education, she'd be eligible to get her licence the beginning of September.  She has now had four appointments to get her G2.  And yes, today she got the message.  The test scheduled for April 13th has been cancelled.  Very upsetting.

I know there are so many people hurting during these crazy times and it is hard on many, including most teenagers.

And I wonder what kind of side effects will we see down the line, 2, 5, 10 years from now.  Babies that haven't been socialized and have only seen their parents' faces.  As someone who struggles socially, I wonder what will happen to all ages.  Will more people become reclusive?

Our hospital visit was a quick in and out this morning.  Marlon is handling the chemo fairly well.  He is low energy but not feeling as bad as he has been.  He is really looking forward to being de-accessed in the morning.

Getting caught up with the origami.


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