Aoril 9, 2021

When we are going to the hospital, I get up a couple of hours before Marlon.  Time to get stuff together to get out the door.  Yesterday, as I was waking up he woke up to go pee, and it was almost leaving time when he finally fell asleep again.  This morning, again, he woke up to go pee.  He was hobbling back to bed, crying and sobbing.  His head hurt so bad.  He felt so bad.  He did fall back asleep but the headache has been there all day, kept at a bearable pain level with tylenol.  

At the hospital, he didn't get a full transfusion but just platelets.  That takes a ½ hour instead of 3.  He was so happy to be de-accessed.

Even though he can move more freely, movement aggravates his headache so once again he was pretty much glued to his chair.  He did a bunch of origami. 

Boot and baby elephant.

He has a page-a-day calendar.  We had a good laugh out of this one.  I said it out loud several times in an effort to try to guess the pronunciation.


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