March 9, 2021

Once again, Marlon starts going downhill the minute we walk in the door of the hospital.  We get to clinic after finger poke and he plugs in and zones out.  A few treatments today and by the time he was being de-accessed, he felt he could barely walk.  He was shivering and shaking and crying.  He kept saying he wants to give up.  The whole ride home he sat, not saying a word, staring straight ahead, not even listening to book.  He got to his chair, curled up for a while, and then started to emerge.  He wanted food.  He ate quite a bit.  His energy was low, both physically and emotionally.  He had been asking for tacos, and finally had them for supper.  That was really the highlight of his day.  Definitely not a great one.  I did go out for a walk in the afternoon but unfortunately, he did not witness the beautiful day other than the walk to and from the car.

And I think, how is it we are here…


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