March 6, 2021

Marlon was not up for much today.  He did tell me that playing Minecraft is nice because even if he is feeling really bad, it doesn't affect his play.  He doesn't need to be strong or energetic.

The best part of the day for him was food and thoughts of food.  It is amazing how fast those steroids change things.  I remember the conversations about food from last time.  He told me a list of things he wants to eat in the next while.  He sent me messages with food emojis, and the word FOOOOD.

His energy was more 'in my face' and his actions a little rougher.  His whole being is affected.

Until the end of the day when he is spent and nauseous.  We cuddled together and he did throw up. And he hurt. He wished he could just snap his fingers, and be in pyjamas in bed with his teeth brushed.

On the plus side, I took Stella for a walk (Marlon was not feeling well enough to join us) and instead of pulling me back to the house, she wandered more and we played together.


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