March 3, 2021

Marlon calls plugging in, whether it be videos or games or audiobooks, his morning coffee.  Sometimes he 'needs' it more than others.  This morning was one of those.  He tried to eat something to counteract the bad taste in his mouth but that didn't work.  I let him have some time and then went to him to check-in and ask about breakfast.  Once unplugged, he threw up (he didn't remember that this evening).  He slowly came around but it did take until afternoon to lose that look.  The one that says, I feel terrible!

By afternoon he was bouncing around, we took Stella for a walk, and then walked to the mailbox.  Then he was wiped out for a while.

In the evening after supper, we made chocolate chip cookies.  He was so excited about the big one we made.  He had the measuring tape out to see how big it was before and after cooking (7 inches once baked).  The extra big cookie was the highlight of his day!


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