March 29, 2021

I had barely hit send on yesterday's email when Marlon called out 'throw up' and then promptly threw up all over the bedding.  After all the food he ate, I am not surprised he threw up but he has always been good (amazing really) about getting it in a receptacle.  So we got him cleaned up, changed the bedding and I cleaned while he went to bed.  He reminded me he had also thrown up in the morning but that was before he had eaten anything.  Oh well!  I count myself lucky that such messes are not a regular occurrence.

Today was a fairly uneventful day.  He did feel off in the morning but it didn't last long.  Not so much reading as listening to podcasts since he has finished all those books.

I made him come out for a little walk and he did, though he was nervous about his legs giving out on him.  He was fine.

Back to the hospital in the morning.  We'll see if his blood counts are good enough to proceed with delayed intensification.  I feel like they are but sure wouldn't mind if they weren't.

He actually spent time with a pencil in hand today...


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