March 24, 2021

It was 10 pm last night, by the time they got the results back.  At 11 pm we were settled in a room on the ward.  The nurse did explain that Marlon does have a rhinovirus, which is common cold.  That explains the extra nose-blowing he has been doing.  Unfortunately, this means he is in isolation and he uses the commode in his room and I can't use the kitchenette.

Overall it was not a great day.  He always feels a bit lower in the hospital and considering he was already feeling pretty bad to start off with, it didn't improve much.

Heartbreaking this evening, when he is getting intense, painful cramps, and he is crying and crying.  Big sobs and saying he just can't do it anymore.

He did get over that and I am hoping he is actually asleep now.  Last night he dozed on and off but he was awake more than he was sleeping.  I slept more than him and I am very tired today. 

Plan is for him to be discharged in the morning but we will wait and see.  

Nothing picture-worthy about today.  Here is one from March 2012 with his dad.  T-shirt!


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