March 22, 2021

'This chemo is making my insides jump around like a tub of cursed jelly beans!'

First thing out of Marlon's mouth this morning.

And that seems to be the day.  Was it wishful thinking when I said he seemed to be getting better?  He hardly moved at all today.  Wouldn't go outside.  Moaned, cried, and used puppy-dog, pity this sick boy eyes.

He threw up after breakfast.  We both acknowledged it has been a while since he has thrown up.  Like a really bad case of the flu where moving or doing anything is too much to even contemplate. At the end of September, one thing he could eat was garlic-stuffed olives.  It got to the point I was having a hard time finding them (still supply issues at that time).  For the past while he had been off olives altogether.  Yesterday, he was pestering me to go get him garlic-stuffed olives.  Though I prefer not to go to the grocery store on a Sunday, I went to Sobeys and got a couple kinds of olives and sliced pickles.  He ate and enjoyed them but today there was not a mention of either.  Glad I didn't buy too many.

Marlon was getting some bald spots so he got his hair buzzed today.

Sleep is not coming easy again tonight.  Oh well, he has taken his last dose of steroids  Hopefully no more for a while.


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