March 21, 2021

While far from energetic, Marlon is slowly coming back to life.  He is not moving much or doing much of anything.  He ate a little better today and didn't look quite so woebegone.  His hair, which was growing back, has started to fall out again.  Here he is pulling it out by the chunks.

We may give it a buzz to stop the patchiness.

This afternoon I picked up Linsy from her boyfriend's house (really the only friend she sees).  After talking a bit, I turned around, and walked head-first into the hydro pole.  Shook myself up, it hurt (maybe a little whiplash), but more than anything, I feel like an idiot.  A bang to the pride.  Open your eyes!!

By 7 pm, Marlon was saying how tired he is.  By 730, he could barely keep his eyes open.  Though he didn't want to go to bed too early, he was in bed by 8.  Just before 10, I heard his cry of distress.  He is still awake, feeling uncomfortable in his body, his abdomen, his throat.  He is overwhelmed, so tired, and yet he can't sleep.

This has been a pretty rough week.  One more day of steroids and luckily Tuesday's hospital visit is just to check his blood counts.  Another week of recovery ahead.  He needs a break.


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