March 2, 2021

Early morning today.  A peaceful drive to the hospital with Louise.  Going down the escarpment towards Milton and the sun was shining bright on its journey higher in the sky.

Marlon did well being accessed but big tears rolled down his cheeks as he submits to the treatment once again.  Perhaps harder after the break.

They started chemo and then he went for sedation and LP.  Back to clinic again to complete the day's chemo.

On the way to the hospital, I was thinking of the many parents and children I have met along the way.  And I want to know how they are doing.  But paths don't always meet.  I was thinking of two boys in particular and happily they were both there today.  One of the boys is new on the journey and when I spoke with his mom about a month ago he was in poor shape and in so much pain.  I was happy to see him playing at the clinic today, pain-free, and moving freely.  It got me to thinking of how much pain Marlon was in when we started treatment.  Thank goodness that is gone.  It is not easy to see the side effects of the chemo but at least he is feeling.  Early on I read that leukemia can be fatal within months

When we got home this afternoon, Marlon went on a paper-folding spree, getting caught up on the origami calendar he got in February.  He was in pretty good spirits but I am aware that feeling sick comes and goes so I am on high alert.  Grateful for a smooth day considering all the treatment.

Not all of these are from today but the place is littered with folded papers.  Ever so often he gets stuck and frustrated but I am happy when he perseveres and figures it out.  There is one he gave up on a while ago and I keep trying to get it and haven't had any luck solving the origami puzzle yet.


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