March 18, 2021

'I'm so tired, exhausted is an understatement'.  His words.

Not a good day for Marlon.  He is really feeling it.  The results of Tuesday's chemo have caught up with him.  I don't think he went outside at all.  He didn't eat much.  He was often hungry but when he tried to eat, he felt like his throat was closing up and his abdomen hurt.  He looks show it too.  Pale and all around his eyes, the skin is red with dark circles under them. 

He finished the library books and borrowed the audiobook Born on a Blue Day.  This evening, even though he could barely move, he was marveling about the book and the mind of the savant.

I didn't even bother to ask him to come out with Stella but we had a nice walk.

I was surprised to see a drawing in Marlon's book.  'Not how I'm feeling'


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