March 16, 2021

At the hospital this morning, I wasn't surprised to see Marlon's counts were down.  Not down enough to delay the chemo that was scheduled.  Third week in a row of the same chemo mix and I was concerned after how he reacted last week.  As he was being de-accessed after the treatment, he said it wasn't as bad.

Today is also the first day of another week of steroids.  Doesn't take long for the cravings to start.

Marlon was looking pretty rough all day.  By evening he wasn't able to eat much and was looking forward to bed.  Hoping he sleeps well.

On Sunday, when we had our walk with Olivia, she mentioned watching a video about skating on thin ice.  She shared the video and it turns out this is the noise I heard from the pond yesterday.  Obviously I wasn't skating on the ice but it must have shifted in a way to make music.

Marlon spent time drawing before bed tonight.


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