March 15, 2021

This morning, I told Marlon it is back to the hospital tomorrow and he exclaimed, 'What happened to my week!'.  I am not looking forward to it but we will wait and see how it is.

He came with me to Sobeys to check out certain food items he had in mind.  He had planned on having B'Noodle soup (baked beans, noodles, and mixed veggies) for lunch but when we got home from the store, I realized we didn't have any beans.  Duh!  Oh well, he was happy with other stuff.

I had a great walk with Stella.  Such a beautiful day.  The dogwood is such a beautiful red and the contrast is amazing.  

When I came back from the walk, I gave Marlon the leash while I loaded up the car for a trip to the dump.  She dragged him all over.

This morning, I stepped outside for a phone call and was standing by the pond noticing the contrast of the ice, some thicker, and some fresh from last night.  All of a sudden I heard a noise like a synthesizer.  Kind of like a twang but so much more.  I don't know if it was the ice shifting, or if in the woods on the other side of the pond, animals were hunting.  A noise like that I will never hear again and I was touched to have witnessed it.  Another gift from the earth.

New sweatshirts


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