March 14, 2021

Gosh darn time change!  We will adjust.

My sister, Olivia, came by this afternoon with her dog Roka.  She had a birthday present for Marlon and we went for a walk.  It was a cold wind and a gorgeous day.  The theme ended up being ice.  Not that we were looking for a theme but found and appreciated many sizes and shapes of ice. Skinny sheets of ice and two-inch thick chunks of ice.  Frozen drops of water on ice.  It was a long walk for Marlon.  He was feeling it but he did enjoy it too.

After the walk, Marlon looked at the present from Olivia, two sweatshirts.  She got him the green-checked one because it was a zip-up and she knows he prefers zippers.  He said 'It is a Creeper!'.  Olivia had no idea what a creeper is.  The sweatshirt is a minecraft one and she had no idea.  Perfect.

Lately in the evenings, Marlon's legs have been quite sore.  His knees and different parts of his legs.  Not sure why, but even after today's long walk, they were no worse than usual.

More pictures at the link


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