February 6, 2021

Both Linsy and Marlon were doing just fine today.  It has been a full 3 weeks since Marlon had had any extra chemo.  Nice to have the extra break.

Since it is so cold, we didn't spend a huge amount of time outside but several shorter bursts of cold, fresh air.  We goof around and test each other's strength.  It is a good way for Marlon to get stronger and he is.

Based on feedback, I would guess that the biggest problem for Linsy yesterday was not drinking enough water beforehand. They recommend two cups of water before giving blood.  She is more of a 'sipper' rather than a guzzler.  I am also curious about her iron levels.  That may be a factor as well.  She said she hopes her blood is helpful for someone else.  It sure would be a shame to go through that and find out there was a problem. A card will be sent in the mail with her blood type on it.


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