February 4, 2021

While Marlon's hair is growing back, his eyebrows are not.  In the past month and a half, they have all but disappeared.  They used to be quite dark and thick and now there is a small amount of lighter coloured hair.  The hair on his head is also quite fine, almost like baby hair.  Some of the chemo he is to be getting will still affect hair loss.  He is happy to have some hair and is sure he will never have long hair again.  Not worth the hassle.  A little while ago when I couldn't figure out why he looked so different.  It must have been the eyebrows.

He was feeling pretty good most of the day but did throw up this evening.  Once he got rid of the day's food he was hungry again.  He had eaten well today.  Too bad he was sick.

He made a video of yesterday's cookie making


This is an older drawing but I like it

We did go out tonight with his flashlight.  He liked the way he could see his breath in the dark of the night.


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