February 26, 2021

I can see that when I do finally go back to work, Marlon will be prepared to deal with it.  He appreciates having me here when needed but his need is less, the better he feels.  Treatment starts up again next week and there is still not enough consistency for me to be scheduled for work.  I guess we'll see how this next round of treatment has him feeling.

This afternoon we took Josephine's dog, Stella, for a walk.  She doesn't feel comfortable with us yet and would much rather be with mom or dad, Pat, but if we stop by regularly when Josephine is at work, she will get used to us and maybe even want to play.

Linsy received her blood donor card in the mail today and found out her blood type is B negative, the second most rare.  Marlon is B positive.  I am AB positive and when I first started donating blood it was the second most rare blood type.  Good to know!


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