February 23, 2021

A feeling of melancholy.  Things come and go and change and we all have our struggles.  Sometimes we are there and present and sometimes we want to hide away.  I don't really know where I am.  The days go by with highs and lows.  I thought of calling my mom today as I was sorting through cameras (of all things).  I have four old cameras, two of which are from my mom.  All hands-me-downs.  But of course, I can't call her on the telephone.

I ran a couple of errands in town this morning and bought pita pit for Marlon for lunch.  He took a bite, gave me that 'I feel sick' look, and I realized one more favoured food item has been retired.  Especially sad, as it has been one of his favourite restaurant meals for years.  Who knows if he will go back to that.

He did get homemade chili and yellow rice for dinner and was very happy with that saying it is his favourite meal that I make.  Will it change?  Always does.

This writing for Marlon has reminded me of the regular updates I wrote while pregnant with Paco.  And I have finally given up on ever reading them again.  At the time a friend said I should put them in a book.  Another part of life that is gone, never to be revisited.  Grateful and overwhelmed by the simplicity of saving stuff online.


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