February 21, 2021

Paco has finished his reading week and is back to classes in the morning.  Marlon appreciates any extra time he gets with his brother.

Did a Sunday morning thing and made pancakes.  Haven't done that in quite a while.  Played darts with Marlon again.  I am not a good player but was having better luck than him and he was getting very frustrated.  Then he got an overall high score and was very happy to brag and gloat of his success.  He is not a very good winner or loser.  I think it is an age thing where winning is so important.  It is easy from my vantage point (old) to see and feel the fun is in the game and not the outcome.

The turkeys have been out wandering around the past couple of days.  I like the way their tracks make arrows that point the opposite direction they are going.

He is running out of ideas on drawings.  I got a laugh out of this character.


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