February 19, 2021

Marlon was happy to open the rest of his presents this morning.  He also got some time with Paco playing darts and then minecraft.  

I went sledding with Marlon again.  Good exercise trudging through the deep snow.

Last night we dropped the car off at the mechanics.  The brake line needed replacing which brought up the discussion of fixing it versus writing it off.  The car is over 10 years old, mileage over 200,000, and the power steering may not last much longer.  We still need the car so paid the $750 to get the brakes fixed.

This evening I played with Marlon and one of his new games.  At first, he was getting frustrated because he didn't understand it.  Then we figured it out and he was happy with it. He had a great continuation of his birthday and made it through the day without throwing up.  Phew

When he was a baby, Marlon was given a sleeper that said 'I love my blue car' and then we got a blue car.  With talk of said car, this is an appropriate picture


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