February 16, 2021

I spent a good part of the morning on the phone or chats.  We were supposed to have something delivered last Wednesday and we are still waiting.  Frustrating.  Years ago, Thomas stopped ordering from a particular company because the only way they shipped was through Purolator and our address causes them too much confusion.

I have also been looking for some files from 2000 and am wondering if I don't have them after all.  Had me thinking about how easy it is to save things these days.  It may not always be a good thing if we stop to consider the environmental aspect of saving everything in the 'cloud' but sure is convenient.

While we were outside today, Marlon dug a spot for himself in the snow.

In the afternoon, he got a headstart to the mailbox and I told him I would beat him so he ran.  He is more of a sprinter than a distance runner but it is so nice to see he can run again.  Not much stamina and he did feel exhausted afterward but he can do it.  

I brought Linsy to skating tonight.  She is happy to be back on the ice again. 

Marlon ate well today and the nighttime sickness wasn't bad at all.  Nice.


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