February 15, 2021

Happy Family Day

I am grateful we are here together.  I like to see them sitting at the table working on their own things.

You can't see him but even the cat is there on the chair with the white cover.

Later in the afternoon, Linsy and I went out to do a drive-by for her friend's birthday.  While out, we picked up pizza as per Marlon's request.

Marlon and I were playing two-handed euchre but then Linsy was interested in playing so we got Paco to play with us as well.  Thomas was watching for a while but I don't know a 5-handed version.  Before the game was over, Marlon was feeling pretty bad and nauseous so we quit.  He didn't end up throwing up. Small victories!

His 11th birthday is Thursday and he is counting down the days.  Such an odd time for birthdays but it is good he is excited. 


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