February 10, 2021

They had hoped to get Marlon started on the chemo at 6 this morning.  It ended up being 10 by the time his urine had the right PH level of 7 to start it.

A slow drip for 24 hours. This is the colour of this one.  His urine is bright.

He was on and off the computer.  When he gets off, how bad he is feeling, comes to the forefront.  Nauseous and just plain icky.  He is flushed and his eyes bloodshot.  The eyes could be from the dry atmosphere or being on the computer too much.

The Child Life Specialists were handing out heart-shaped cookies and supplies to decorate the Valentine treats today.  Marlon decorated and then ate his.  

Last night we had the whole space (split room with 4 beds) to ourselves.  This evening a teenager is on the other side of the curtain.  Lots of patients on the ward of varying ages but I haven't heard as much crying.  Perhaps I shouldn't push my luck and say this when we still have two more nights.


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