January 7, 2021

This morning Linsy and I went to Georgetown and she endured a root canal.  She did quite well. When she was younger they couldn't do dental work on her because she was too nervous, and if awake, couldn't sit still.  Over the past month, she has had so much work done.  Soon we will get Marlon's dental work done but waiting for the doctor's ok.

In the afternoon, I managed to convince Marlon to come outside.  When outside it seems we are often cutting wood, splitting it, or hauling it.  I had Marlon pull the sled with 3 pieces of wood while I pushed.  He went back inside and I continued.  I was in the woods, loading up the sled, and stopped, listening to the soft, gentle sound of the melting snow and ice.  Then behind me, I heard a louder noise.  An animal?  What the heck….?  Before I really knew what was happening a big, dead tree crashed to the ground.  Wow!  My heart was pounding and I was shocked. It missed the piles of wood we had stacked up and the top of the tree was maybe 15 feet from where I was standing.  And I thought of the times Paco and Thomas had been out there cutting up the other tree on the ground.  What if it had fallen while they were there with the chainsaw covering up the noise?  So fast. 

We enjoyed chicken noodle soup tonight, with broth I made from the turkey bones.  Nourishing food.  LOL, I just realized I forgot to add salt.  No one complained.

As I was sitting and writing, I was listening to the happy sounds of Marlon playing Minecraft with Paco.  Sometimes loud squawks but pleasant.

An older picture of climbing a hand


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