January 5, 2021

It is not as easy for Marlon to get on the computer here at home. The internet service isn't that strong so he has to be patient.  Not always easy.  He was about to go on this morning but his dad said he had to wait.  He was upset and cried because he is being told what to do and when to do it.  Not enough choice.  He survived though and did other things.  I sorted through our Christmas box and had him help me with that.  He helped his dad fill vitamin capsules and next thing he knew he was able to have time.  He played minecraft and then met some friends for a zoom meeting.  He enjoyed that one as well. He ended up getting too much computer time.

This evening he was saying the days seem like whole days now whereas before he was sick they seemed like half days.  I think it means the time doesn't pass as quickly.  I did point out that he hardly goes outside at all now and that does make a big difference.  The more I try to convince him to go outside the more he resists.  We'll see…


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