January 4, 2021

Marlon resists exercises and moving too much and complains that his shoulders hurt.  I'm sorry to say but he isn't getting a lot of compassion from me.  He can move, he can do stretches.  I can support him, but I can't do it for him.  Power struggles and I try to step back (not good at it but aware of it).

Otherwise, Marlon felt better today.  Not the sick, queasy feeling that was around yesterday.  He ate decent meals and kept his food down.  Grateful for that.

Paco played minecraft with Marlon this evening and the five of us played cards (Uno).  Paco's next semester starts in a week and I know he won't have time for such things when it does.  

Marlon did a drawing this morning but spilled some of his soup on it so this is from a couple of days ago.


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