January 30, 2021

I went into Guelph this morning and Marlon stayed home with Thomas and did his own thing.  Some computer time, some book time, and who knows what all.

Yesterday, Chris, the tree guy that sometimes hangs out on the property, cleared snow off a pond and flooded it.  

This afternoon, Marlon and I went down and scooted around on the ice, sliding back and forth.  After I picked up Linsy from work, she and I put on our skates.  Marlon stayed in his boots.  Not quite ready to skate yet.  A gorgeous day to spend some time outside.

This is a video of some fun on the ice


A peaceful evening.  I can tell he hasn't had chemo for a couple of weeks as his appetite is good and he is eating a variety of foods and keeping them down.  It is a steady climb back to a proper appetite.


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