January 3, 2021

A full day at home.  Now to wean Marlon of the expectation to be on the computer most of the day.  Easier for him now that he does have audiobooks ready to listen to.  Grateful for the library and the many audiobooks to borrow.  Since having kids, I have a strong appreciation for the library.  We have made good use of it, with both written and listening books.

We are so lucky in our journey with Marlon.  In the hospital, I see so much, and so many cases that are so much worse than ours, with so much more suffering.  So far Marlon's recovery is textbook smooth.  For many, it is not that way.  And when I hear babies crying and crying, I know they cannot begin to understand what is happening to them.

Marlon is still recovering from the chemo the other day.  His tendency is to want to do very little but I do my best to get him moving and remind him of the negative consequences of avoiding movement.

Before Christmas, we bought a turkey, tonight I cooked it, and we had a homemade turkey dinner.  Enjoyed by all, but unfortunately not long after eating Marlon was throwing up.  When it is a regular, daily occurrence, it doesn't seem to be such a big deal.  But he hasn't been throwing up lately so is that much harder on him.

Marlon is happy with this minecraft face.  He would like it known that it took hundreds of blocks (right clicks) to create the face. Yes, the smile is intentionally crooked.


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