January 29, 2021

Louise picked us up this morning to go to the hospital.  She would wait around today just in case.  We were waiting for almost an hour and a half and I was getting quite frustrated thinking of Louise waiting around just to go home alone. Finally, almost two hours after finger poke, we were told Marlon's counts were too low again (neuts were 0.6).  Come back on Tuesday.  So by 2pm, we were back home again.  At least Louise didn't wait in vain.

I have not been known to be too good at changing direction and rearranging plans but I sure have been getting a lot of practice this past while.

Marlon has been wanting to get this last hospital stay out of the way.  Understandably so.

Paco played connect 4 with Marlon this evening.  Marlon was laughing so hard as he won again and again.  He's pretty tricky.  Paco did get a few wins in but not many.

In this picture, the person has found pure air in the mountains


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