January 25, 2021

We have our travel connect 4 packed up to bring to the hospital since that seems to be the game of the day.  Marlon wanted to play several times today.  He also went outside a few times.  Once he was planning on staying out a bit longer but came in after a short time with his back hurting. It didn't hurt long.

I wonder if he ever learns anything while listening to Paco's courses.  Here, he was actually watching Paco's work but commented on the prof's Pink Panther tie.

Just had a good laugh.  Linsy stood up to show me something and Mojo immediately jumped onto her chair.  Even though he has his comfy chair, he wants hers.

When I was getting supper together, my eye was itchy but I was not rubbing it because it has been sore lately.  I looked at it and have popped a blood vessel.  It looks horrible.  Kids are telling me not to look at them.  I look creepy.  I think my thyroid is acting up.

Marlon was feeling pretty nauseous this evening but managed to keep his food down. Yay!


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