January 22, 2021

Day before yesterday, Marlon wanted me to buy him something blueberry pastry-ish for breakfast.  I didn't but instead made blueberry muffins.  Too much moisture and blueberries so they were a little off but still tasty.  He decided today we would make blueberry cookies since the best part was the topping.  Marlon called the dough cement but amazingly they turned out pretty good.

This evening, the five of us played cards.  Six if you include Mojo but he was just there for the lap.  Sitting in such a way that he looked every bit as fat as Marlon portrayed him in yesterday's drawing 

Right now he is enjoying my lap as I sit and write this. 

Marlon felt much better this evening. There are so many variables to keep in mind to help him feel well.  Sometimes it works.


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