January 21, 2021

Marlon was happy to tell me later in the morning, 'I have a new drawing for you'.

I looked in his book and didn't see a new one.  The clown and a scribble.  He screeched, ' I drew that today!', over and over and over again.  He thought for sure he drew the clown this morning.  I showed him the date on last night's picture but still, he couldn't believe he didn't draw it this morning.  Funny how we get something in our mind and lose a sense of time.  

Before bed last night, I saw an email that got my mind rolling.  Moira was asking my thoughts of my time in Vienna (33 years ago).  I was surprised how many I had.  Unfortunately, this meant I didn't sleep too well.  Today while Marlon was on the computer I wrote out those thoughts.  Nothing terribly interesting but I did post my writing of that time on my blog.

In the afternoon Marlon and I walked to the mailbox and I tried to get him to walk more with me but he insisted on going back.  I had a nice walk through the open field and then meandering along the stream.

Marlon and I played two-handed euchre this afternoon, and then this evening Linsy and Thomas joined in for a few rounds.  Marlon said we were done and within 10 minutes, he threw up.  Thomas and I tried to support him in keeping the food down.  His body said no.  Those evenings again...


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