January 2, 2021

Seventeen years ago Linsy was born in the kitchen of the house we still live in.  I was sorry not to be there this morning but I was able to call her, ordered balloons for her, and we made it home for supper.

This morning Marlon woke up the same as the last time he had this chemo. The back of his mouth was irritated and his gag reflex was being triggered.  Luckily not quite as bad but he was still gagging a bit.  I forget that the effects of the chemo can last for days and weeks, and just because he feels ok right after doesn't mean he won't feel bad later. I let him have his 'morning coffee' AKA computer time (no real coffee of course).

His blood counts were fine and we were cleared to go after the last dose of the med to clear the chemo.  It was just after 430 when we got home so I was able to pick up Paco and Linsy from work.  We bought dinner from a new restaurant in town to eat at home.  Marlon was feeling pretty bad all evening so wasn't eating much but he is happy to be home again.  Will be nice to sleep in my bed again.


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