January 16, 2021

After 10 pm last night, a new person came into the split part of the room where Solomon had been.  A teenager, so not noisy once all the introductory talking was done. All in all, a fairly peaceful night for Marlon.  The nurses were surprised he didn't get up to pee more.

He woke up with the mouth sores that are common with this chemo.  Seems like every time he wakes up with this feeling, is gagging and throwing up, and then starts to feel better.  So yes, he threw up before ingesting anything.  The doctor was surprised the sores eased up so fast.  There is always the possibility for more.  No appetite again.

Over the course of this treatment, Marlon's tastes for foods has changed so many times I can't keep track.  Way back, before he got the feeding tube, about all he could eat were garlic stuffed olives (I was having a hard time finding them in stores after I cleaned out Sobeys) and popcorn.  Then he wouldn't touch either.  I was glad I hadn't bought too many extra containers of olives.  Once he wanted BBQ Doritos.  That specifically.  Enjoyed them that time but never ate them again.  My tendency is to want to get larger quantities of items he likes (catching a sale) but it isn't worth it.  A couple of months later and he is eating popcorn again. That was what he wanted on this hospital visit. 

Everything went as planned today and Marlon was set free.  Being de-accessed is never easy.  Peeling off the sticker surrounding the port and pulling out the needle.  Today while the nurse was finishing pulling off the sticker Marlon had started to peel, he was leaning back, eyes closed, and a grimace on his face.  The nurse finished and Marlon didn't move.  I thought maybe it was because it was still hurting.  Then I realized he was waiting for her to take the needle out.  He didn't know she took it out.  He was so happy because it is often quite painful for him.

Happy to be home again.


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