January 15, 2021

Not the best night but not expected to be either.  Solomon, the little boy in our split room, was up in the night. Marlon woke up to use the washroom just before Solomon fell asleep.  He was feeling horrible, had diarrhea.  He wanted me in bed with him and he did throw up a while after using the washroom.  He slept after that but did have more diarrhea in the night.  Grateful he is good at getting to required receptacles before letting go.  We did sleep between 4 and 8.

Not surprising that Marlon didn't have much appetite but at least he only threw up the once.

We did some drawing together and walked a bit and he spent a fair amount of time on the computer. 

Solomon's dad was working in the room and the little boy was wandering around.  So cute, the few words he says.  He must be 2 because I heard him say NO a few times.  He went home today.  This is our last night and assuming all goes well (which it is, so far) Marlon will be set loose tomorrow evening.

Happy face.  In case you can't tell, mine is on the left

Angry face


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