January 14, 2021

We are in the split room and the boy next door is young and scared of the nurses.  Early this morning, around 500, his machine started beeping.  Eventually, I got up and called a nurse to stop it.  But the boy had woken up and started screaming 'Da-eee!'. Again and again and again.  His dad is with him and when he is crying there is no middle D.  Marlon woke up.  He fell back asleep.  I did too, but it seemed I had hardly fallen asleep when Marlon needed to go to the washroom.  Oh well.

This morning Marlon was NPO for the lumbar puncture.  He is quite used to being put under and I am finally getting more used to it as well.  The anesthesiologist starts pumping the white liquid in and the body doesn't stand a chance.  The eyes flutter and it sleeps.  Just as his eyes fluttered Marlon said Bye.  A chuckle went around the room. I was noticing today how many people are in the room for this.  Around 8, including a student anesthesiologist.  All is well.  Marlon did feel more groggy than usual once he finally woke up.  He used the computer to wake up more.

The chemo started at noon and runs for 24 hours.  We played with paper airplanes in the afternoon.  That started with Marlon trying to shoot garbage into the trash.  I suggested he try to fly a plane into the trash.  We ended up throwing a paper airplane back and forth.  A bit of movement for him. 

He was feeling pretty bad by the evening.  No surprise really.  We will see about sleep tonight.  People are quiet now…

This time I have the proper pull-out cot.  A little more comfortable.


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