January 1, 2021

Welcome to the new year!!

Marlon was asleep by 930 last night, and I was asleep before midnight.  I remember many years ago, around the age of 20, and my friend slept through midnight. I was horrified that she could do such a thing.  At this point in my life, I have slept through the new year's arrival many times.

A peaceful, quiet day.  Marlon handled the chemo quite well.  He acts weak and sick, and while I am sure he does feel icky, it isn't quite as bad as he plays it.  It couldn't be, because when I see him on the computer, either playing or watching videos, he is just fine.  Yes, distraction helps and I am sure once he gets off, the ickiness catches up with him, but he is doing fine.  

His eyes were irritated today.  Perhaps from dryness, so I hand-washed a pair of track pants and hung them up to dry.  A little moisture in the air.  His blood counts show he is bouncing back so I expect we will be heading home tomorrow around 330.

He walked around a couple of times and made several trips back and forth to the washroom.  His room is right across the hall from the washroom so that is not a far walk at all.

Dinner was donated again tonight.  Pizza!  I laughed when I saw the many pizza boxes.  Marlon did some strong manifesting!

He played minecraft by himself, with friends, and with his brother.  I am grateful he can connect but I do worry when he gets too excited and is practically yelling and screeching.  There are other kids around nearby.

Intentionally written as buoy.

The nurse left the flashlight on his bed so he enjoyed playing around with it


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