December 9, 2020

After our Tuesday hospital appointment, I feel like the weekend is here.  My days get so mixed up.  I keep feeling like it is Thursday or Friday.  Enjoy the days!

I told Linsy I would drive her to school this morning and then ran into Sobeys to grab a couple of things.  Never a very quick run by the time I stop and chat.  When I came back Marlon was minecrafting with a friend.  Barely even finished breakfast.  I was told to go look at the pool. The melting snow and ice and the water flows created a neat circle.

Paco had his second exam today.  

Marion is at loose ends.  He is getting bored more and more.  When he is bored he just wants to go on the computer.  We walked to the mailbox together.  Being such a  wet day he didn't want to stay out long.  I hope he finds some inspiration.

Linsy worked the afternoon and after supper, we played a game of euchre with Marlon/Paco versus Thomas and I.  Picked Linsy up from work, she ate supper, and I took her to skating.  Marlon chose to watch Paco on his computer rather than our bedtime cuddle, so as I was walking out the door with Linsy, he was getting into bed.

Another normal day. 


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