December 7, 2020

Marlon was anxious to get on the computer by 9 this morning.  I made him hold off.  Today, Paco had his first final exam for this semester.  Once he went upstairs to get to it, I let Marlon get on.  Shortly after he got off, we got a message from a friend. He was hoping to meet up with Marlon on minecraft.  These two have been talking about meeting up for a while.  So, he went back on the computer and played minecraft again.  I left to head into Guelph and run errands.  I believe he got off not long after I left, but when I came home a few hours later, he was on the computer again!

While I was out Linsy sent me a picture that made me laugh.

If I didn't know better, I would think Mojo intentionally antagonizes Linsy in competing for her chair.  When she isn't here, he doesn't have much interest in it.  When she is here, he often steals her chair from her.  He will lie on a chair nearby and the minute she gets up he jumps for the steal.  Amusing.

Made another batch of chocolates this evening.  Without the thermometer.  One of the extra frustrating things yesterday, was that we had the pieces of glass but you still never know if there is a grain of glass that fell in the food.  Oh well, looks like this batch worked out.

I feel a sense of dread about tomorrow's hospital visit.  Makes me realize how this whole journey affected me so far.  Memories of the time Marlon was hospitalized, a chemo drug he is getting tomorrow, and how it affected him last time. After 4 weeks without chemo, I don't want to see him suffering again.  I just hope he can handle it better now that he is stronger.



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