December 6, 2020

Last night at bedtime, Marlon told me he wasn't sure he wanted to do the 3D workshop he was scheduled for today.  He couldn't say why.  This morning, he confirmed he would rather stay home today so that is what we did.  Both Thomas and I noticed that, for the past couple of days, Marlon has seemed a little bit off.  Not sick, just different.  Not something I can explain.

We went outside.  Thomas and Paco cut wood, I hauled it, and Marlon hung out.  Linsy was at work.  Marion said he wanted to go in, I said stay out a little bit more.  Then he wasn't around.  I had my suspicions, looked at my phone, and confirmed he had found Josephine, our landlady.  In the past, Marlon has enjoyed hanging out with her but hasn't in a while.  He watched a movie at her place.  I am glad he had a chance to see her for a while.  

This afternoon Marlon and I made more chocolate.  We keep experimenting and trying to get it right. I looked at the setting chocolate and thought it looked pretty good.  Coconut milk chocolate. Then I saw the candy thermometer and realized the plastic lid I thought had come apart, was in fact the glass tip breaking off.  And with that, knew the whole batch of chocolate had to be thrown out.  Sad for the waste of the ingredients, the time, and to see the loss a batch that turned out.

Emoji chocolate just before it went into the compost.

Otherwise today, Marlon listened to his book, drew, spent time on the computer, and just hung out.  At bedtime, he was chatting about the book he is listening to, as well as the one he is reading.  He seemed more like himself.  Makes me wonder if I imagined him being off, or if it is just the common cycle of ups and downs.


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