December 5, 2020

We seem to be back in the market routine.  Saturday morning and that is what Marlon and I did.  We were both impressed with a drumming busker before we got in line to enter the market.   

Shortly after we got home, I left to pick up Linsy from work, and then we were going to head out as I had registered Marlon for a workshop.  Luckily I noticed before we left, that I had the day wrong, and this workshop is tomorrow.  We went outside for a while.  I helped Thomas collect cedar to fix up a log bridge we made.  We will be pulling wood-filled sleds over it when we have more snow.

Marlon wasn't outside too long and when I came in he was chatting away, playing Minecraft with others.

This evening, Marlon and I were playing a game together (Blokus), and he wanted to quit to go to bed.  He was tired and wanted time to read his book in bed.

I notice concern on my part for the upcoming hospital visit on Tuesday.  It has been 4 weeks with little chemo and it has been so nice.  So very nice to have Marlon feeling strong and well.  I am hoping that what is coming won't be as hard on him as he is stronger to start off with.  I guess we will see.


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